Thinking Outside About the Outdoors.

About Us

At Think Outside, we have combined our professional and personal experiences to do what we are passionate about. We spend our free time cycling, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, skiing, camping and traveling around the world. So we know what your consumers want and need...because we are them. We also understand the strategic side of your business with 20 years of experience in marketing and product development at major consumer goods companies. We are so committed to the marriage between what we love to do and what we are able to offer the industry, that we strategically located our business in Boulder, Colorado - the heart of outdoor adventure. We often do our best thinking outside when we are on our bikes, on the trail, or on the side of the mountain. This is where we get our inspiration, and it's at the heart of your business.  
Elise Lachowyn - Partner
Elise is a consumer goods expert with nearly 20 years of experience in Strategic Marketing and Product Development.  She has been Vice President of International Marketing at one of the top 5 toy companies in the world. In this role she was responsible for strategic brand development and profitability of the company's international business in several categories.  Prior to that as Vice President of Marketing she oversaw all marketing and product development for the company's Activities brands.  This included developing brand direction and strategies, directing all marketing activities, driving product development from conception to manufacturing, and managing the profitability for all brands under her portfolio.  In 2005 Elise was the recipient of the "Woman to Watch" award from the Women in Toys Association.  She also received 4 Toy of the Year awards, 2 nominations, and won over 25 awards for product excellence.  Elise has also worked in the video game industry and has launched 8 new video game brands, over 30 different titles, and approximately 60 individual games.  In 2001 she received the “Super Woman” award and in 2000 the “Best Team Player” award out of over 700 employees.


Elise has an MBA from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University.  When she's not working, she can be found on a mountain bike, on a hiking trail, or on a snowboard.  She has traveled around the world and has summited Mount Kilimanjaro twice.

Drew Robertson - Partner

Drew's professional background has taken place mostly on the top of skyscrapers.  He is a health and safety expert in the field of construction.  He has also developed a website for data storage for the construction industry.  

Drew's personal life makes him an action sports and outdoor industry expert.  He has been competing on two wheels since the age of 14.  He raced motocross in his childhood and teen years.  He has also competed as a sponsored mountain bike racer at the Pro/Elite level and competed in road cycling  at the Cat 2 level for the past 14 years.  Drew has been sponsored by Rocky Mountain Bicycles and Trek Toronto.  Drew is also a camping enthusiast and has built and slept in the snow in a quinzee...multiple times. Drew's love of back country camping also means he can portage with the best of them!  Drew is currently pursuing his lifetime goal of riding the most epic climbs throughout the world.

Drew and Elise live in Toronto, Ontario and Boulder, Colorado with their daughter Skyler.